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Pearl B. Marsh

In researching my grandmother I’ve discovered a tidbit about the changing art world and thought I would share. This is from an article in The Narragansett Times from July 1981. Unfortunately, I don’t know the name of the author since the article is a xerox copy.

Pearl Marsh has a habit of allowing things to be simply said. She has definite opinions on the changes she’s seen in the art world since graduating second in her class from Rhode Island School of Design in 1928. Yes, there have been changes. Lots of them. For example, “People used to judge art shows for the honor of doing it. Now, if you want a judge, you pay them,” she said. “I can’t go along with those things.”
She was a highly regarded illustrator living in the North East (outside of New York) and had a long career specializing in portraiture and landscapes. The article closes with her laughing and saying, “Old painters never die, they just paint away.”