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There can be no exclusive or privileged explanation for what goes on in our brains. We interpret the world with acquired top-down preconceptions and good art startles us into looking again afresh, often relishing in ambiguity. So, too, does good science.

Siân Ede, Deputy Director of Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and pioneer of ArtScience collaborations. In Art & Science (2005) — a book demonstrating how science affects the creation and interpretation of contemporary art and, conversely, how art informs new knowledge of human consciousness and existence.

…film and particularly the manner of its creation, holds steadfast as a prime example of the strength and power inherent in cross-disciplinary thinking that characterizes the dynamic and transversal nature of so many of today’s creative explorations in the field of interactive installations from the work of art, design, and engineering.

Lukas Feireiss on Stephen Spielberg’s film Minority Report (2002) anticipating technological advances. From his essay “Eureka! Creative Exploration Between Invention, Inspiration, and Intuition” in A Touch of Code: Interactive Installations and Experiences.